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smeclabsAt SMEClabs, we focus on the B-tech Diploma students Projects requirement for non-sophisticated, user-friendly, equipment on which to get trained, do testing and research. Simplicity is the key - point when you are trying to learn equipment, especially ones from the higher strata of the technological order. Our trainer kits (eg plc trainer kits, 8085 trainer kits,micro controller trainer project development boards,mechanical projects,Embedded Systems,ARM PIC ATMEL Projects,labVIEW and MATlab projects kits,Analog Circuit projects,Embedded system Projects,DSPProjects,Automation and IEEE projects etc..) focus on exactly this, and assisted by the complete documentation and additional support lessons, the students are on their way to mastering the technology in a few days time.

SMEClabs provides trainer kits on a variety of different technologies and hardware such as Programmable Logic Controllers, Variable Frequency Drives, Human Machine Interfaces, SCADA systems and PID Controllers. All the trainer kits come in completely earthed steel bodies with all necessary protective devices included to safeguard the students' safety. All necessary software and connection cables are provided as part of the trainer kits so that the customer can actually start training on the kit on the very day of purchase.

SMEClabs provides custom trainer kits for use in colleges, universities, centers of technical education and training wings of companies. We know that our customers have diverse requirements and methods when it comes to training. Our trainer kits are custom built for each customer's requirement after many rounds of discussions between our engineers and the engineers/trainers at the customer end. The trainer kits focus on providing on-hand training in the different hardware technologies that the student will be using through his career in the automation industry.

smeclabsLoad Measurement Trainer - SITM04

smeclabsPressure Measurement Trainer - SITM05

smeclabsStrain Measurement Trainer - SITM01

smeclabsTemperature Measurement Trainer - SITM02

For more project guidance on trainer kits please contact training@smeclabs.com or call 960-555-000-1

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