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Career in Automation Instrumentation and Embedded Systems

A career in the industry is one of the most rewarding ones in its domain. If your qualification is a B.Tech or Diploma in Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Communication or Mechanical Engineering or a Graduation in Electronics, Mechatronix or any of the related domains, you can build a lasting fruitful career in this industry, if you are equipped with the right information and skills.

Automation industry rewards its engineers with high pay for the amount of work put in, and offers high levels of job security and professional satisfaction. The very nature of career involved in this sector is challenging and is something that a person with a spirit for tackling challenges can look forward to. The high level of technology involved in any career related to automation makes it enjoyable for people who are fond of working with the latest cutting edge technologies.

Whether you are a man or a woman, your skills and technical knowledge will be rewarded and you can get the feel of a promising career, very early. You don't have to wait for years to be promoted or rewarded in this industry. All that matters is how much you know and how good you are at what you do.

That said, you can find below some statistical information on the career in automation industry.

Breakdown of Respondents by Years of Work Experience


Breakdown of Respondents by Education


Breakdown of Respondents by Degree Received


Breakdown of Respondents by Age


Breakdown of Respondents by Job Satisfaction


above data provides a cross section view in to the international job market in automation. The same is true with smaller markets including the regions of Middle - East, South Asia and South - East Asia. The Indian Automation Job Market is more booming than all other regions due to the very fact that the Indian economy has risen higher and has shown a continued and sustained growth than many of the leading economies of the world.

As a young engineer, taking up a career in automation will be the best choice you would be making, given the present scenario. Along with the monetary satisfaction and financial freedom it gives, a job in the automation sector is by far the most rewarding one, in terms of job satisfaction.

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