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SOLAR Training

SOLAR Training

Do you desire to enter the solar market? solar training will be very important to your solar career, solar energy courses that will put you on the road to success to become a solar installer, photovoltaic designer, or other solar specialist. But others will not do that. Having the capacity to differentiate between the advantageous courses and the ones that are not so serious about solar energy is an essential stride in your solar oriented education.

Solar Workshops/Training

Post graduate Diploma in Solar Training

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Workshops in Solar panel photovoltaics

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  • Overview of solar PV technology, characteristics of solar modules and quality issues

  • System design requirements and technical specifications as per IEC 62548 and IE C62257

  • Impact of accuracy, reliability of solar radiation data on the plant performance.

  • Battery storage technology and selection of battery

  • System design and component Sizing

  • System protection and safety equipment sizing and selection

  • DC and AC cable sizing, selection and estimation of loss due to voltage drop

  • Site assessment & planning

  • Solar pumping system design

  • Solar micro grids system design

  • Rooftop PV systems design with battery storage

  • PV diesel hybrid system design sizing optimization

  • Complete design task exercise

  • Site Analysis

  • Grid-tie Inverters

  • String Sizing

  • Mechanical Attachment Options

  • Balance of System Components

  • Wire and Over-current Protection Sizing

  • Grounding

  • Charge Controllers

  • Off-Grid Inverters

  • Tools

  • Commissioning

  • Jobsite Safety and Code Compliance

  • Load Analysis and System Design

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