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smeclabs We at SMEC Automation understand that the only way to stay on top of the industry is to continuously improve the technologies and work styles it uses in its projects to suit the ever-changing global trends. The research, development and training wing of SMEC Automation, SMEClabs was conceived exactly for this purpose, in early 2001. Through its team of engineers and analysts, named Core Resource Group, SMEClabs indulges in research and development activities on a variety of topics related to the automation and process control industry.

Listed below are some of the topics that the CRG have developed innovative new technologies and products on:


  • GSM assisted remote data monitoring
  • GSM assisted alarm generation and acknowledgement
  • Remote I/O access using IEEE 802.11 standard Wi-Fi protocols
  • Tension measurement using advanced frequency analysis models
  • Power electronic designs focusing on energy saving concepts
  • Fieldbus innovations enabling use of legacy physical layer
  • Home Automation systems employing IEEE 802.11 over 802.3 and 802.4 standards


The Core Resource Group has produced some exceptionally good products and technologies that have made headlines in the automation industry. The SMECSMARTTM Mooring system is one example. This system was developed for the pin-point precision of off-shore diving utilities onboard research vessels.

Also of note is the SMECSAILSTM Propulsion system that was developed in-collaboration with the research teams of various Norwegian companies and is now proving to be the new face of propulsion systems on an increasing number of vessels around the globe.


The SMECelectroTM range of products are specific max-efficiency, energy saving solutions, following the Go Green policy adopted by SMEC Automation and all its partners including Schneider Electric. By ensuring continuous focus of the improvement of such technologies, we strive to conserve as much energy as possible on our already strained planet.


In this age of widespread internet accessibility through on-the-go systems, the SMECGeoTM range of products developed at SMEClabs are making important landmarks in Real-Time data handling capabilities in mobile devices through 3G systems and associated technologies.

Currently we are working hard towards the seamless integration of iPhones to existing SCADA networks with delay times not exceeding 0.1 ms.

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