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What is SMEClabs?

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smeclabs SMEClabs is the research, development and training wing of SMEC Automation, an ISO 9001:2008 global solution provider and the Authorized System Integrator of Schneider Electric, France.

The engineers at SMEClabs, forming the Core Resource Group (C.R.G.), constantly strive to keep the company ahead of its competition in terms of technological edge.

The C. R. G. also forms the faculty of SMEClabs, imparting world-class Industrial automation training and process control training to the students of the training facility, which is anAuthorized System Integrator of Schneider Electric, France.

SMEClabs is proud to host an array of engineers and industry experts who put in their ideas and instincts to develop new technology, which is crucial for any player to stay on top of the game. We are focused on developing and constantly re-innovating indigenous technology which is more adaptable to the Indian customer needs and which is also more economically viable.

smeclabs SMEClabs aims at developing and providing services and tools to address the aspects of early process design, process engineering and implementation from a purely engineering perspective. The economical aspects of control systems have high focus, as does the provisioning of the customer with improved knowledge and decision support tools.
With its combination of control architecture, logistics and optimization, as well as a strong logic development capacity and training, SMEClabs forms a natural extension to SMEC's diverse activities on the control engineering arena. To be able to provide clients with state-of-the-art services and tools, the unit collaborates close with all the regional bases of SMEC, drawing from the extensive competency in those units.
We are able to provide assistance in developing a project from an early stage, based upon customer needs, through to a conceptual design including an outline specification. We use our unique concept development process developed by SMEClabs, together with expertise from other units of SMEC, to facilitate the process design development through pre-defined stages involving analyses on both economical and technical level. Over the years team SMEC has succesfully completed work onboard over 300 vessels. Work scope has mainly included complete electrical system installations during the ship building process, complete electrical overhaul and modernization of various vessels including those of the Indian Navy, SCI, Univan etc.

Industrial projects completed include various national level projects for companies like Aditya Birla, Reliance, TATA amongst others. Govt. enterprises that have benefited from the SMEC scientific offering include ISRO, VSSC, NPOL, ONGC and BARC amongst others. One of the recent noteworthy accomplishments of team SMEC in association with Schneider Electric was the installation of the 'fully automated fuel supply system' for the PSLV launching Chandrayaan-I into space. FYI the controller used for this operation was the Modicon M340 training Programmable Automation Controller (DCS level), Allen Bardly PLC training the practical sessions of which are included in the SMEClabs curriculum.


smeclabs SMEClabs runs a training division specializing in effective training of B.Tech and diploma students. Courses are designed to cover all aspects of most of our installations over the years to provide for smooth transfer of REAL knowedge and expertise that we have gained over the years. Training is HANDS-ON and covers all required fundamental and specialist know-how in system operation, troubleshooting & maintanance. All the SMEC Certified Automation Engineers (SCAE Course) avail lifetime telephone support for all automation related troubleshooting queries. This has proven to be a boon for fresher engineers faced with complicated technical issues while starting off in their careers. For more information on the certification programs and other courses at SMEClabs, please feel free to fill up the inquiry form below.

SMEClabs also provides trained technicians and engineers to various industrial concerns. Engineers and technicians trained by us avail 24-hour phone support from our facility in case of any major problems requiring immediate attention. Our team of experts are always available for any technical support and documentation required. The SMEClabs library boasts of a collection of over 7000 manuals and support documentation of virtually every automation system and equipment that one may ever encounter. Over the years SMEClabs has trained over 4500 engineering graduates which have been placed in industrial companies in over 15 countries. The team of instructors impart critical knowledge that team SMEC has gained over the years in dealing with difficult-to-solve real-life situations relating to the industry.

The training facilities of SMEClabs are presently available at Cochin,Mumbai, Chennai, Visakhapatnam (Vizag), Mangalore, Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum)

For more information on how your company can benefit through our training facility, call our Core Resource Group on our training helpline at (0)960-555-000-1 or just fill up the registration form

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