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Process Control Training Stations

Process Automation training center Cochin Chennai Keeping in mind the requirement of industries to take in engineers and technicians with hands-on experience in process control applications, SMEClabs has developed process control trainer stations for the undergraduate students in B.Tech, B.E, and Diploma courses. The stations can be installed in colleges, technical training centers, diploma colleges and in industrial training centers and can cater to a wide variety of students from the trades of Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Mechanical and Control engineering.

Industrial process automation training in SMEClabs helps to get jobs in government , jobs in refineries and the major cities in India ( jobs in Delhi, jobs in Bangalore, jobs in Hyderabad, jobs in Gujarat, jobs in Pune , jobs in Mumbai , jobs in Coimbatore,Jobs in Chennai,Jobs in Noida etc..) and Jobs in Abroad.

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The process control trainer stations are built for easy understanding of the concepts of process control with and without the involvement of PLCs and SCADA systems and can help the student gain in-depth knowledge of the different segments of control engineering jobs that go into advanced process control applications for huge job opportunities for freshers. The process control trainer stations can be custom built to the customer requirements and can deal with pressure control, flow control, temperature control, level control applications.

The various components that go into a process control application like level transmitters, pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, level switches, control valves, solenoid valves etc are dealt with in a manner that is application oriented and can help the student jump start into projects involving process control once he/she starts for a company in this sector like Jobs in Oil & Gas ,Jobs in Marine engineering,Jobs in cement factories ,Jobs in beverages,Jobs in packing industries,Jobs in textile industries, Jobs in aluminum industries .

All process control trainer stations from SMEClabs come with detailed documentation of the process, the machinery and instrumentation associated with it, the control system involved and the control wiring and power wiring schematics. The customer can avail the training service by our experts in the field of process control to get used to the process and the working of our product.

The process control trainer stations by SMEClabs come at very competitive prices, and packed with a truck load of features which will make every rupee spent worth.

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