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These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) postings serve as an on-line resource for people looking for an education in automation technologies. The FAQs address topics related to the training and placement facilities at SMEClabs.

I hope all of the postings provide the answers you're looking for and offer a starting point for asking and answering more questions. If there are questions you have that are not answered here, please let me know.

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Q. How do I decide which courses I should take?

A. SMEClabs offers suggested curriculum to help you enhance your knowledge and aid in your career growth. Our engineers will be contacting you once you register and will be advicing you on a course package that exaclty suits your background and requirements.

Q. Why should I register through this website?

A. SMEClabs has a dedicated team of engineers to offer you advice on your career prospects, suitability and curriculum selection. The services of this team is guaranteed if you register through the online form available on this website. Adhering to the ISO standards of excellence, any person registering on our website will be contacted within 24 hours and the required information will be conveyed to him/her within 48 hours of registration.

Also, many of the seasonal offers that we have for the students are applicable to students who had registered through this website only. Registering on SMEClabs website takes less than a minute and is absolutely FREE!

Q. Will I get enough attention from the trainers?

A. SMEClabs believes in individualized training and does not conduct training in big batches unless specifically asked for by the clients. Once you enroll for a training program, an engineer will be assigned to you, who will be taking you through the completion of the course. You will have the complete attention of your guide throughout the entire length of your course. You will be free to use the equipment under study all by yourself for the time you are engaged with it.

Q. Will I get placed if I join SMEClabs?

A. Any student enrolling for the certification courses or Post Graduate Diploma courses at SMEClabs automatically becomes a member of our highly acclaimed candidate database, referred by over 350 prestigious companies and corporations. This means that you invite ample exposure to your resume even before you embark on a job hunt, that too from companies which are looking for exactly the kind of knowledge that you possess.

Whether or not you get a job with SMEC, one of our clients or elsewhere, depends solely on your aptitude, knowledge and performance during the interviews. SMEClabs does NOT indulge in the so-called "100% placement assured" system which we have noticed being so blatantly marketed by some companies nowadays. We do however refer all our students to our service client companies, who in turn call the candidates as and when required by them. As we have an ever growing list of client companies, we sincerely and honestly do our best to guide and prepare each and every student toward a satisfying career in automation.

Q. Do I have to pay the fee in full initially?

A. No, SMEClabs offers a variety of payment options for all the students. This includes single, double and multiple payment schemes. Advance booking can be done at a nominal fee weeks or months prior to the commencement of the course.

Q. Will I get study materials and software?

A. Yes, SMEClabs provides detailed study material to all students in two volumes, completely illustrated, each over 400 pages, absolutely FREE! This study material has been meticulously prepared in line with today's industrial landscape. Also, essential software like custom simulators and demonstration modules will be provided to you for practise at your home, apart from the complete electronic documentation of all the technologies and equipment under study.

Q. What if I want to refresh my knowledge a few months later?

A. We understand your needs to keep refreshing your knowledge and horning your skills and keeping updated with the technological advances throughout your career. Considering this requirement, SMEClabs offers refresher courses to you, even years after you have completed the certification program with us. The refresher courses are also individualized with custom topics and timings and comes without any additional fee. All you need to do is inform us 2 days in advance, and come over

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