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Automation Consultant

Automation Consultant

To be a good consultant, you must add something which cannot be brought or measured with money; and that is sincerity and integrity. Our aim is to provide an innovative, functional, and quality solutions in the most cost effective manner to our clients. We perceives our clients requirements and suggests as well as provides suitable solutions. Our Automation Engineering Consulting team provides services designed to assist clients in implementing their change initiatives.

Programming & Designing Solutions

Programming is an art of one’s creativity, here in SMEC Automation Solutions our qualified and skilled engineers provide the most effective designing and programming solutions as per our clients desired requirements. Our teams will work with you to migrate your system and implement new guidelines for safety and efficiency.

Project Services & Maintanence

As we know engineers likes solving problems, SMEC deals with design, production, Services & Maintenance of industrial automation panels with the creation of electrical diagrams, with or without controllers and onboard wiring responding to client’s requirement

Drive Installation & Services

In modern world of industrialization drives has a prominent key role in controlling motors. Our experts will help the industry to overcome the difficulties in the installation, commissioning, maintenance and service of the drives and corresponding control system.

Academic & Research Projects

To do something out of box a student need to have limitless imagination and all the guidance he can seek. Bring in your ideas and get all the guidance to give your project a new dimension. We at SMEC, gives in all that it takes to bring your idea into the real world.

Research & Development

“One man’s “magic” is another man’s engineering. “Supernatural” is a null word.” Here our fully organized R&D team work directed towards the innovation, introduction, and improvement of products and processes or working to get new improved dimensions for the existing systems.

SINGLE POINT SOLUTIONS: Our mission is to provide all aspects of automation engineering and information management under the single roof.

ASSISTANCE IN NO TIME: We are at your service around the clock, quickly and suitably. We give assurance in completing our work in the agreed time frame.

INSTANT RESPONSE: We guarantee fast and suitable solutions during emergencies or unexpected system failures.

TECHNICAL EFFICIENCY: when you need assistance to improve the efficiency and reliability of you automated system. we have an expert engineering team to provide suitable solutions.

FEASIBLE SOLUTIONS: Our Automation Engineering Consultants can help you upgrade or use your existing systems to enhance your plant overall performance.

BEST TECHNICAL TEAM: Continued updation, training, and certifications keep our staff up to date with the latest technologies, products, and applications in the automation and integration marketplace today.

Our solutions

We SMEC Automation Solutions Pvt. Ltd. we know that improving efficiency involves much more than implementing new technologies. Our expert automation engineers or consultants can help you upgrade or use your existing systems and infrastructure to enhance your plant overall processes and operations for a technical performance.

Make it Automated - If you are having a manually operated or semi automated system which you want to be automated then we are here to give you all the possible solutions to make it happen. By implementing latest technologies in the industry.

Require a Data monitoring or Aqusition System In case, in your existing process or system if you need a data monitoring or Data Acquisition system here in SMEC our expert automation engineering consultants provides feasible and suitable solutions for that by adding some additional features to your process or system.

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