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Corporate Training Provider in Marine and Industrial (Technical)

Corporate Training Provider

Electrical Corporate Training

Code Course Duration Next Batch
SEE01 Basic Electrical Systems and Electrical Safety 02 Days 07-06-2023
SEE02 Electrical Maintenance, Testing, Inspection and Risk Assessments 03 Days 07-06-2023
SEE03 Virtual frequency drives – VFD 03 Days 05-06-2023
SEE04 Motor management & VFD 05 Days 05-06-2023
SEE05 Motor Maintenance & Repair 03 Days 07-06-2023
SEE06 Modern Electrical Power System 02 Days 05-06-2023
SEE07 Power Quality Analysis and Analyzers 02 Days 07-06-2023
SEE08 Single Line Diagram & Troubleshooting Control Circuit 02 Days 07-06-2023
SEE09 Developing an Effective Safety Culture 02 Days 05-06-2023
SEE10 Electrical Installation & Maintenance 02 Days 05-06-2023
SEE11 Electrical Maintenance, Testing, Inspection and Risk Assessment 02 Days 07-06-2023
SEE12 Relay Setting and Co-ordination 02 Days 07-06-2023
SEE13 MV & LV Electrical Switchgear: Inspection, Maintenance and Troubleshooting 03 Days 05-06-2023
SEE14 Electrical Switchgear Failure Detection, Diagnosis Techniques & Repair Methods 03 Days 05-06-2023
SEE15 Logic Building Using Contactors and Relays 02 Days 05-06-2023
SEE16 Power Transformer Maintenance & Acceptance Testing Techniques 02 Days 07-06-2023
SEE17 Substation Maintenance and Troubleshooting 05 Days 07-06-2023
SEE18 Electrical Losses 02 Days 07-06-2023
SEE19 Electrical Safety 02 Days 07-06-2023
SEE20 Electrical Training for Non Electrical Professional Engineer 10 Days 05-06-2023

Mechanical Corporate Training

Code Course Duration Next Batch
SME01 Mechanical Drawing Reading 2 Days 05-06-2023
SME02 Basic Mechanics 2 Days 05-06-2023
SME03 Maintenance --A to Z of best practices 2 Days 05-06-2023
SME04 Lubricants and Lubrication 2 Days 05-06-2023
SME05 Power Transmission Equipment 2 Days 05-06-2023
SME06 Bearings -Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Repair 2 Days 05-06-2023
SME07 PUMPS & Pump Systems - Application, Operation & Maintenance 2 Days 05-06-2023
SME08 Gear Box Systems- Theory, Practice and Maintenance 2 Days 05-06-2023
SME09 Hydraulic & Electro Hydraulic Theory, Practice & Trouble-shooting 3 Days 05-06-2023
SME10 Pneumatic & Electro Pneumatic- Theory, Practice & Trouble-shooting 3 Days 05-06-2023
SME11 Boilers: Technical and Operational Workshop 3 Days 05-06-2023
SME12 Alignment Theory and Practice 2 Days 05-06-2023
SME13 Compressor & Blower -Maintenance & Repair 2 Days 05-06-2023
SME14 Mechanical Seals -Maintenance & Repair 2 Days 05-06-2023
SME15 Valve Repair -Maintenance & Repair 2 Days 05-06-2023
SME16 Advanced Mechatronic Systems 2 Days 05-06-2023
SME17 Diesel Generator (DG) Maintenance & Troubleshooting 2 Days 05-06-2023
SME18 Pipeline Operators and Supervisors for Oil & Gas pumping station 10 Days 05-06-2023
SME19 Mechanical Training for Non Mechanical Professional Engineer 10 Days 05-06-2023

Automation & Instrumentation Corporate Training

Code Course Duration Next Batch
SAC01 Process Automation & PLCs 2 Days 05-06-2023
SAC02 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Architecture Design 5 Days 05-06-2023
SAC03 Industrial Automation Workshop on PLC & SCADA 5 Days 05-06-2023
SAC04 PLC - Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Commissioning & Basic Programming (A-B & Siemens) 5 Days 05-06-2023
SAC05 SCADA Systems & Industrial Networks for Plant Process 5 Days 05-06-2023
SAC06 Standard Applications for SCADA and Automation Systems 3 Days 05-06-2023
SAC07 Distributed Control System (DCS) Application & Troubleshooting 5 Days 05-06-2023
SAC08 DCS: SIMATIC PCS7 System & Service Course 5 Days 05-06-2023
SAC09 Allen Bradley ControlLogix 5000 With PanelView plus (FactoryTalk) 5 Days 05-06-2023
SAC10 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5000, programming, trouble shooting and maintenance - Advance 5 Days 05-06-2023
SAC11 Allen Bradley Factory Talk SE & ME (With configuration of server based system) 5 Days 05-06-2023
SAC12 SCADA - FactoryTalk View SE Programming, trouble shooting and maintenance - Advance 3 Days 05-06-2023
SAC13 SCADA - FactoryTalk View ME Programming, Maintenance and Troubleshooting 3 Days 05-06-2023
SAC14 Siemens S7300, S7400 With WinCC HMI 5 Days 05-06-2023
SAC15 Siemens SIMATIC S7-300 & 400 TIA Advanced 5 Days 05-06-2023
SAC16 Siemens TIA Portal Basic 5 Days 05-06-2023
SAC17 Siemens SCADA: SIMATIC WinCC - Basic to Advance 3 Days 05-06-2023
SAC18 Siemens HMI: SIMATIC WinCC Flexible - Basic to Advance 3 Days 05-06-2023
SAC19 Rockwell DeviceNet/ControlNet/Ethernet IP 3 Days 05-06-2023
SAC20 Siemens Profibus & Industrial Ethernet 3 Days 05-06-2023
SAC21 WonderWare InTouch Software Part- 1 5 Days 05-06-2023
SAC22 WonderWare InTouch System Platform Part -1 5 Days 05-06-2023

Embedded Systems Corporate Training

Code Course Duration Next Batch
SES01 Introduction to Aurduino 2 days 05-06-2023
SES02 Introduction to RTOS 2 days 05-06-2023
SES03 Introduction to RASPBERRY PI 3 days 05-06-2023
SES04 IoT primer 2 days 05-06-2023
SES05 Embedded C 2 days 05-06-2023
SES06 Circuit Designer 2 days 05-06-2023
SES07 Basics of PCB Design 2 days 05-06-2023
SES08 Wireless Technology 2 days 05-06-2023
SES09 Introduction to sensors 2 days 05-06-2023
SES10 Introduction to Robotics 1 day 05-06-2023
SES11 Python Basics 2 days 05-06-2023
SES12 Digital CMOS Design 2 days 05-06-2023
SES13 Introduction to VLSI 2 days 05-06-2023
SES14 FPGA Familiarization 2 days 05-06-2023

Instrumentation & Control Corporate Training

Code Course Duration Next Batch
SIC01 Field Instruments and Process Control Instrumentation 5 days 05-06-2023
SIC02 Calibration of various gauges 2 days 05-06-2023
SIC03 Pneumatics and calibration of Pressure gauges 2 days 05-06-2023
SIC04 Testing and compensation methods for RTD and Thermocouple 1 day 05-06-2023
SIC05 Process switches and relay logics 2 days 05-06-2023
SIC06 Direct and indirect ways of industrial level measurement 2 days 05-06-2023
SIC07 Overhauling of Control Valves 1 day 05-06-2023
SIC08 Interfacing of Field Instruments to controllers 2 days 05-06-2023
SIC09 Calibration of Control Valves with Positioner 2 days 05-06-2023
SIC10 Calibration of SMART and Non-SMART Transmitters using HART Communicator 2 day 05-06-2023
SIC11 Piping and Instrumentation Drawings 2 days 05-06-2023
SIC12 Designing of Virtual Instruments 3 days 05-06-2023

Corporate Training being one of the most customizable and flexible training of SMEClabs, we have successfully completed more than hundreds of Corporate Training sessions by now. We avail the luxury of flexible training as we understand and give more importance to the deeply classified and exquisite requirements of the corporates. Every company undoubtedly requires an advanced team of skilled Technical Engineers who are well versed about the latest developments and technical advancements over the Globe. We at SMEClabs have a strong team of CRG Engineers who are extremely talented and possess outstanding technical skill along with years of experience in handling such delicate and detailed corporate requirements.

Marking our existence in the field of Marine & Industrial Training, we have marched over more than 15 successful years. During this period of time we have grown up to be a comprehensive lab for Engineering. We are in a position to provide Corporate Training irrespective of different streams of Engineering and helps fresh or skilled or even experienced Engineers to further improve their knowledge and skills to higher standards and so as they can exhibit the beauty of Engineering through their vision. Having a track record of training Engineers of leading Marine Industries, Manufacturing and Production Industries, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries, Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air force, ISRO, BARC etc., we keep expanding and establish SMEClabs as a quality assured brand name. Our skill development Corporate Training is not just about updating the Engineer’s knowledge but also about certifying them as an Internationally competent Engineer under the one of its kind TUV Rheinland certification, which is considered a unique luxury at SMEClabs.

We being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and also being the system integrator of various leading brands, we showcase a large variety of certifications of Government and International Institutions which marks our standards and makes us unique over the Globe.

Our team of CRG Engineers are trained to handle the corporate pressure and we also make sure they are available over the Globe with the same quality. We take special concern that the training is completed within the allotted time without affecting the ongoing projects. Our multi-talented CRG Engineers possess beyond the mark communication skills and teaching skills that makes sure that the Corporate Engineers feel comfortable enough to explore the depth of the respective skill. Our training is so flexible that we can provide In-house training along with all necessary equipment that supports the training. On the other hand we can also provide luxury accommodations very near to our fully equipped labs with daily pick and drop services.

Milestone achieved:

We SMEClabs are now in position to not just provide skilled training to corporates but also give access to a large variety of skilled Man Power. We provide a totally free access to our SMEClabs Data Bank with our large variety of extremely talented and skilled Engineers. SMEClabs is now a one way solution for all Technical issues within any Corporate Sectors.

Solution, Service, Training and Man Power, SMEClabs makes it all happen under one roof.

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